Simple  Queue Service SQS

  • fast, reliable, scalable and fully manged message queuing service
  • used to decouple the components of a cloud application
  • ensures delivery of each message at least once and supports multiple reader and writers interacting with the same queue
  • design system to be idempotent. This way if your system does ingest a message more than once, it  will not have an adverse affect
  • SQS does not guarantee First IN First Out (FIFO)

Message Lifecycle

  1. message A is sent to queue
  2. message A is retrieved from the queue and the visibility timeout period starts
  3. message A is processed and is deleted from the queue during the visibility timeout period

Delay  queues postpones delivery of new messages for a specific number of seconds up to 15 minutes (900 seconds)

Visibility Timeouts: message is hidden after it is received from the  queue (12 hours max)

Messages are identified via a globally unique ID that SQS returns when it is delivered to the queue. This  is used for tracking the message.

Three Identifiers

  1. Queue URLs
  2. message IDs
  3. receipt handles

Message must be retrieved before it can  be deleted

Long Polling

  • to prevent rapid cycle of requests you can set Long Polling. If no message is in the queue then the call will wait (WaitTimeSeconds) for one to appear up to 20 seconds.
  • reduces load on the client

Messages that cannot be processed can be put in a Dead Letter Queue

Simple Workflow Service SWF

  • coordinating  work across distributed components
  • implement distributed asynchronous applications as work flows
  • Domains scope resources within the AWS account. Workflows in different domains cannot interact with  each  other
  • Workflow history is every event that happened in the workflow


a number of different types of programmatic features

  • start: any applications that the workflow executes
  • decider: logic that coordinates the tasks and provides input data to the activity workers (uses Long Polling)
  • activity worker: a single computer process (or thread) that performs the activity tasks in your workflow (use Long Polling)


  • activity tasks: tells an activity worker to perform its function
  • AWS Lambda task: executes an AWS Lambda function  instead  of a traditional SWF
  • decision task: tells a decider that a state of the workflow execution has changed so that the decider can determine the next activity that  needs to be performed

Tasks List provides a way of organizing the various tasks associated  with  a workflow

Simple Notification Service SNS

  • to  setup, operate and send notifications
  • uses publish-subscribe messaging
  • delivered using a push mechanism

Two types of clients

  1. publishers
  2. subscribers

Publishers communicate to subscribers asynchronously by sending a message to a topic

Fanout: SNS message sent to a topic and then  replicated and pushed to multiple SQS, HTTP endpoints or email  addresses. This allows for parallel asynchronous processing

Can  push to  Eamil, Text Messaging and mobile applications.





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